Oldhams Advisory

Business Management and Advisory Services

Business Structuring

At Oldhams Advisory we expertly guide you through the business structuring process while also providing qualified advice regarding intellectual property protection (IP), trademarks and business startup structures including company, sole trader, partnership and trusts.

How to Start a Business

As high-level accounting experts in addition to being business advisors, Oldhams Advisors can help you prepare an effective, realistic and workable budget. This is one of the best steps you can take when learning how to start a business

Management Consulting

Gain invaluable perspective regarding your business from an unbiased third party. Your Oldhams Advisory consultant will carry out in-depth analysis and research on your business. These insights will be provided in detail and can help you overcome complex issues and make important, educated decisions.


The experts at Oldhams Advisory can conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your business prior to declaring insolvency. Doing this may help provide clarity surrounding your financial situation and may present opportunities for course correction rather than pursuing insolvency.

Oldhams Advisory

Are you a small to medium sized business owner or start-up seeking professional support to reach your full potential? At Oldhams Advisory, we offer tailored services designed to get clients to where they need to be. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, that is second to none, Oldhams Advisory gives you the tools you need to navigate the complexities of business ownership and become self-sufficient.

We understand that achieving your engagement goals, whether that be financial, structural, lifestyle/personal is not always straightforward and can seem impossible. This is why you need the specialised skill set and business mentoring available through Glen Oldham from Oldhams Advisory.

Who We Are

Oldhams Advisory’s founder Glen Oldham is a highly experienced and dedicated business advisor with a background in high-level accounting and business management. Through his many years of working with Australian businesses, he has seen and heard it all.

Whether you are just at the beginning of your journey or nearing the end, business management consultancy is incredibly beneficial. From a small or medium business start up, going through a merger and acquisition, insolvency or liquidation, Glen has the required expertise to help you manage these circumstances and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Being a business owner can be stressful, but with Glen’s insights and guidance, you can learn to create a sustainable, safe business model that delivers greater rewards and optimal growth.

Glen is committed to supporting his clients through the entire lifecycle of their business - through the highs and lows, Glen remains a constant, reliable presence

What We Offer

In-depth Business Reviews

Get a clearer picture of where your business is at so you can  gain new insights and better direction. We perform a detailed analysis of both your financial and operational performance as well as your business structuring to allow us to more effectively pinpoint any issues. This also helps us to get to know your business so we can better understand your motivations and goals as a business owner.

Course Correction

If our analysis demonstrates a decline in business or that you have begun to veer in the wrong direction, we provide a detailed road map to help you get back on track. These corrections will have both short and long term directives to enable continued positive progress.

As part of these corrections we also facilitate the fine-tuning of management skills for a more effective approach and better team engagement.

Enhanced Profitability

Bottom line, your business needs to return maximum profits if it is to remain operational and sustainable. Oldhams Advisory is highly skilled at finding and eliminating sources of waste, ensuring your bottom line is no longer a source of concern. An improvement in cash-flow also gives you more flexibility to invest and grow your business.

Performing a detailed analysis of both your financial and operational performance as well as your business structuring allows us to more effectively pinpoint any issues.

Strategic Planning

In collaboration with our clients, we work to create intelligent, workable solutions and strategies that are easily implemented. All strategies are tailored to suit your goals and business needs and give you the tools to move forward with total confidence. Our skills at problem solving mean we create the optimal strategies for your unique circumstances.

Business Mentoring

Business ownership can feel isolating, with our business mentoring, you always have someone to speak with who is as invested in your success as you are. Our mentoring keeps you motivated, accountable and provides you with the ideal sounding board and most beneficial advice.

As part of our genuine and honest approach, we’re never afraid to say ‘no’ if the timing isn’t right or the idea isn’t beneficial to your business.

Work With The Experts

If you desire to work with a highly skilled, approachable and committed business advisor, Glen Oldham should be your first and only call. Glen is passionate about the future of your business and has a genuine desire to see it succeed.

We help turn your business around and renew your passion for being in business through tailored business management consulting. We are approachable and our services affordable, making expert advice accessible for businesses of all sizes and situations.

No matter where you are at or where you want to be, Glen from Oldhams Advisory has the required skill and expertise to help advance your business. Call today to learn more on 07 31885400.


Wow, I wish I’d known Glen when I was trying to start my business last year – it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble! Now that I have Glen onboard, his expert advice has helped me steer my business in a direction I never would have imagined and business is great. I couldn’t have done it without you, Glen. Thanks a million!

M. Birkdale

My business was in a downward spiral when I reached out to Glen for help. He restructured my entire business and business is picking up again. Glen has also provided very sound and practical advice on some pretty big decisions I needed to make. I’m looking forward to working with Glen as my business continues grows!

P. South Brisbane

Glen’s ability to see the “big picture” has helped me grow my business bigger than I ever thought was possible. His continued guidance makes all my business decisions so much easier!  Thanks, Glen. Cheers.

A. Hawthorne

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